About the Breed   Medium-sized (35-50 lb), strong and muscular, with a long, thick coat and hanging hair that covers the eyes (hence the hair clip). The double coat can be of any color or pattern, of white, gray, and brown are most common, with black, gray, or brown markings. It is common for colors to fade as the dogs reach adulthood. PON is considered non-shedding and hypoallergenic breed. The most endearing feature is their famous PON smile and when they shake their tailless romp when they are happy.  Polish Lowland Sheepdogs are lively, but stable and self-confident, clever and perceptive and well known for excellent memory. They can be well trained, but may dominate a weak-willed owner and they are vary of strangers. Their herding and working ability is attributed to an intense desire to please and compatible nature. When not used as a herding or working dog, he can be a magnificent companion as he seems to fit into any type of lifestyle.
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